Russell W

Russell W - S. Carter Freestyle lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, I made the beat so I’m figuring why not!

Russell W.!

I made you, I made this beat and all…

That’s the condo where I’m living as a ..

That’s why she orders what she wants and I cover you,

Like a true man, shit I would have put...

Never been a gangsta, never made my mother move,

If you know the original, you know what I’m…

Say you want this shit you didn’t know,

That we dominate the music on these television shows,

Signature, tracks getting stacks by the bundle, now,

Hustling, put our heads together like a huddle now.

Pause, still we’re made it humble now,

Women showing love and affection,

I ain’t talking cuddle now.

Ship off the… block,

Let me clarify that!

I am from the suburbs never trying to deny that!

American dream gone bad,

Blonde hair, eyes green like a baboon’s,

Call me Charlie Sheen, fuck it, I am winning now!

The .. getting bigger than the…

Money, women cash, that’s the shit I have been about,

.. you all rappers feel about,

Claiming, living but no, no, no!

Yeah, you should sign me,

Put the rock behind me!

You .. rap version blondie.

Step into my world ..couldn’t find me,

I in my own lane, you could define me!

Mother fuckers!

Russell W, I swear this game started.

I go through this shit for fun!

I don’t need the money!

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