Russ - 2 A.M. lyrics

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Oh, wha! Just keep it real to yoself one time


It’s two am. and ya feel like callin'

I know what ya want by the tone that ya talkin'

Just get to the point with a boss

I gotta' couple shots in me yea I’m gone

I'mma make ya feel like we just robbed a bank

I'mma make ya forget that ya gotta' get up in the am, am


I'mma one of one, that’s why ya came through

Cuz' ya don’t want me fuckin' with someone who ain’t ya

I'mma blow up and see what this fame do

If ya fuck up I'mma bounce like a kangaroo

But I play it cool, slide through for the hot one

Ya need drugs ya need advice yea I got some

Far from the end and far from the beginnin'

This is someone in the middle, hit my phone when ya slippin', damn


(Verse 2)

Yeah, pretty Puerto Rican, snappin' at the mouth

Liquor luv and anger makes yo accent come out

Betta calm the fuck down with yo attitude

Cuz' I can change yo longitude and yo fuckin' latitude

Put ya on a plane to a place ya neva been

I could have ya out in Asia lookin' fly spendin' Yen

Betta back the fuck up with that rah rah hooblah

Breath in breath out

(Hook x2)




Just keep it real with yourself one time

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