RUSH - Witch Hunt Part Iii Of 'fear'

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Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson<br><br>The night is black<br>Without a moon<br>The air is thick, and still<br><br>The vigilantes gather on<br>The lonely torchlit hill<br><br>Features distorted in the flickering light<br>The faces are twisted and grotesque<br>Silent and stern in the sweltering night<br>The mob moves like demons possessed<br>Quiet in conscience, calm in their right ---<br>Confident their ways are best<br><br>The righteous rise<br>With burning eyes<br>Of hatred and ill-will<br><br>Madmen fed on fear and lies<br>To beat, and burn, and kill<br><br>They say there are strangers, who threaten us<br>In our immigrants and infidels<br>They say there is strangeness, too dangerous<br>In our theatres and bookstore shelves<br>That those who know what's best for us ---<br>Must rise and save us from ourselves<br><br>Quick to judge<br>Quick to anger<br>Slow to understand<br><br>Ignorance and prejudice<br>And fear<br>Walk hand in hand

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