RUSH - Freewill

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Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson<br><br>There are those who think that life<br>Has nothing left to chance<br>With a host of holy horrors<br>To direct our aimless dance<br><br>A planet of playthings<br>We dance on the strings<br>Of powers we cannot perceive<br>The stars aren't aligned ---<br>Or the gods are malign<br>Blame is better to give than receive<br><br>You can choose a ready guide<br>In some celestial voice<br>If you choose not to decide<br>You still have made a choice<br><br>You can choose from phantom fears<br>And kindness that can kill<br>I will choose a path that's clear<br>I will choose free will<br><br>There are those who think that they've been dealt a losing hand<br>The cards were stacked against them ---<br>They weren't born in lotus-land<br><br>All preordained<br>A prisoner in chains<br>A victim of venomous fate<br>Kicked in the face<br>You can't pray for a place<br>In heaven's unearthly estate<br><br>Each of us<br>A cell of awareness<br>Imperfect and incomplete<br>Genetic blends<br>With uncertain ends<br>On a fortune hunt<br>That's far too fleet...

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