Rudra - I lyrics

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[solo- selvam]<br />

<br />

Knowledge frees you, Action binds you <br />

Self Ignorance is Death <br />

The need for a valid means of knowledge <br />

is fulfilled by the shruti <br />

In this razor sharp path of Jnana The words reveal what you are!!!! <br />

<br />

Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya Aham Satchitananda swarupa <br />

<br />

Names and forms depend on me. The universe shines after me <br />

I am That, That thou art!. All pervading and all knowing am I <br />

The self is all there is. Know this Truth! You are the Truth! <br />

I am Chit, Absolute consciousness. I need no light to illumine me <br />

That which cannot be negated in the three periods of time <br />

Know it to be Satyam <br />

<br />

[solo - selvam]<br />

<br />

Spaceless and needless. Reducing sorrow to naught <br />

I am Ananda swarupam <br />

<br />

"You are the one seer of all and are surely ever free <br />

Indeed this alone is your bondage that you see yourself <br />

Not as the Seer but as something different" [*]<br />

<br />

"You have no birth or death, no memory, <br />

no bondage or liberation. Nor have you good or evil. <br />

Why do you weep, oh dear? <br />

Name and form belong neither to you nor to me" [**]<br />

<br />

[solo - kannan]<br />

<br />

"I am Brahma, I am Vishnu, I am Indra,I am Shiva. <br />

All this I am. There is nothing except my Self" [***]<br />

<br />

Know that you are the master and the ageless One <br />

Nothing can enslave you forever!!!! <br />

There is no moksha, neither is there samsara <br />

Know that you are the Ever-Free <br />

<br />

Brahma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Jeevo Brahmaiva naparah <br />

Atma Satyam, Jaganmithya, Aham Satchitananda swarupa <br />

<br />

[* - Ashtavakra Gita 1:7]<br />

[** - Avadhuta Gita 1:17]<br />

[*** - Vivekachoodamani 388]

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