Roy Drusky

Roy Drusky - Everything A Man Could Ever Need

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Looking back on the days when I was scufflin' for a buck

Not overly concerned with life and love

I was always feelin' sorry for myself and my bad luck

I never stopped to think what life's made of

With my nose to the grindstone and my shoulder to the wheel

I fought for my daily dollar like a man

Then you came into my life and nothing else seemed real

I found the answer right here in my hands

Now I've got everything a man could ever need

I've got dreams to dream and songs to sing in the morning

I've got hands to hold my baby child and eyes to wach my woman smile

I've got everything a man could ever need

[ organ ]

Now my working day seems shorter than it ever did before

And the evening breeze gets cooler day by day

And the morning sun is always shinin' down on my back door

And your laughter washes all my cares away

There's not a day goes by that I don't look up to the skies

And humbly thank the good Lord up above

For bringing you to me in time to make me realize

That all a poor man really needs is love

Now I've got everything...

I've got everything a man could ever need

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