Rose Melberg

Rose Melberg - Whatever Became Of Alice And Jane (Confetti)

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The waves are crashing and my ears are ringing

The rain is pouring and my head is spinning

It’s warm and dry under your umbrella

This means more than just a change in the weather

The sun doesn’t have to shine

For everything to turn out fine

Now that I’ve got you to love me

I don’t care about the skies above me, me,

Pull a swimg against the time

When this icy but I’m feeling warm inside

We run for cover as the rain drops fall

And my ...underneath the sea wall, wall

There was a time before today

When the skies were all mist grey

Dark clouds as far as I can see

Don’t matter, they are here with me, me

The winds were blowing as we walked down by the shore

My eyes were stinging and my lips are soar

Whiskin pebbles as we sit under the peer

And say we’ll never go away from here, here

Here, here.

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