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Rosanne Cash - World Of Strange Design lyrics

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Well you’re not from around here

You’re probably not our kind

It’s hot from March to Christmas

And other things you’ll find

Won’t fit your old ideas

Their line is shifting sands,

You walk across a ghostly bridge

To a crumbling promise land


If Jesus came from Mississippi

If tears began to rise

I guess I’ll start at the beginning

The world of strange design

Well I’d like to have the ocean

But I’d settle for the rain

Humbly as for true love

There was such a price to pay

This room was filled with trouble

And sacraments deceived

And I’m with you, we’re in the shade

Of his weeping willow tree


We talk about your drinking

But not about your thirst

You set off through the mine field

Like you were round in first

So open up their window

And hand the baby through

Point up towards the ghostly bridge

And she’ll know what to do


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