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Rosanne Cash - I'm Movin' On lyrics

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That big eight wheeler a rollin' down the track<br />

Means your true lovin' daddy ain't comin' back<br />

'Cause I'm movin' on, I'll soon be gone<br />

You were flyin' too high for my little old sky<br />

So I'm movin' on<br />

<br />

That big loud whistle as it blew and blew<br />

Said hello to the Southland, we're comin' to you<br />

And we're movin' on, oh hear my song<br />

You had the laugh on me, so I've set you free<br />

And I'm movin' on<br />

<br />

Mister Fireman, won't you please listen to me?<br />

'Cause I got a pretty mama in Tennessee<br />

Keep movin' me on, keep rollin' on<br />

So shovel the coal, let this rattle a roll<br />

And keep movin' me on<br />

<br />

Mister Engineer take that throttle in hand<br />

This rattler's the fastest in the southern land<br />

To keep movin' me on, keep rollin' on<br />

You're gonna ease my mind, put me there on time<br />

And keep rollin' on<br />

<br />

I warned you baby from time to time<br />

But you just wouldn't listen or pay me no mind<br />

Now I'm movin' on, I'm rollin' on<br />

You have broken your vow and it's all over now<br />

So I'm movin' on<br />

<br />

You switched your engine now I ain't got time<br />

For a triflin' woman on my main line<br />

'Cause I'm movin' on, you done your daddy wrong<br />

I've warned you twice, now you can settle the price<br />

'Cause I'm movin' on<br />

<br />

But someday baby when you've had your play<br />

You're gonna want your daddy but your daddy will say<br />

Keep movin' on, you stayed away too long<br />

I'm through with you, too bad you're blue<br />

Keep movin' on<br /><br />

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