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Rosanne Cash - Etta’s Tune lyrics

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What’s the temperature darling? 100 and more

The horses pawing out the dust, but it’s Wilton by the door

But you pour your strongest coffee and I’ll take back of the wheel

We’ll drive straight down the river road, spread a blanket on the hill

What’s the temperature darling? I don’t stare into the past

There was nothing that we could change or fix, it was never gonna last

Now don’t stare into those photos, don’t memorize my eyes

We’re just a mile or two from Memphis in the rhythm of our lives


A mile or two from Memphis

And I must go away

I tore up all the highways

Now there’s nothing left to say

A mile or two from Memphis

And I finally made it home

There were days you paced the kitchen, there were nights that felt like jail

When the phone rang in the dead of night you’d always throw my veil

No, you never touched the whiskey and you never took the pills

I traveled for a million miles while you were standing still

What’s the temperature darling as the daylight fades way?

I’ll make one last rehearsal with one foot in the grave

We kept the house on all the corners, we kept the polished bass guitar

We kept the tickets and the wheels of tape to remember who we are


What’s the temperature darling?

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