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Rosanne Cash - A Feather’s Not A Bird lyrics

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I’m going down to Florence, gonna wear a pretty dress

I’ll sit on top the magic wall with the voices in my head

Then we’ll drive on through to Memphis, past the strongest shores

And on to Arkansas just to touch the crumbled soul


A feather’s not a bird

The rain is not the sea

A stone is not a mountain

But a river runs through me

It’s never any highway when you’re looking for the blast

The land becomes a memory and it happens way too fast

Yea the moneys’ home in Nashville, locked inside my gift

So I’m going down to Florence just to learn to love a friend


I’ve burned up 7 lives and I’ve used up all my charms

I took the long way home just to end up in your arms

That’s why I’m going down to Florence, now I got my pretty dress

(Going down to Florence, got a pretty dress)

I’m gonna let the magic wall put the voices in my head


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