Roger Whittaker

Roger Whittaker - Only the lonely

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Artist: roger Whittaker

Title: Only the lonely


Only the lonely

Know the way I feel tonight

Only the lonely

Know this feeling ain't right

There goes my baby, there goes my heart

They're gone forever, so far apart

But only the lonely know why I cry - only the lonely


Dum-dum-dummy doo-wah - Dum-dum-dummy doo-wah

Ah-ah-ah. . .

Huh-huh-huh . . . - Dum-dum - Oh, oh oh oh oh ooh

Only the lonely - Ah-ah-ah. . .

Only the lonely

Know the heartaches I've been through

Only the lonely

Know I cry for you

Maybe tomorrow a new romance

No-o-o more sorrow, but that's the chance

You've got to take, if your lonely heart breaks

Only the lonely - lonely - lonely.


Dum-dum-dummy doo-wah.

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