Roger Creager

Roger Creager - The Man I Used To Be lyrics

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I don't know if you have heard

but someones out there spreading the word

I'm still mad at you

And they'll find that's true

I broke out in laughter

When your plans for ever after

busted at the seams

and blew your hopes & dreams


You got what you deserved

Can you say justice served

You left me with a broken heart

Girl now yours is torn apart

Don't come running back to me cause

I'm not the man I used to be

You want that man I used to be

You're beautiful when your crying

It's a shame that you're dieing

from the pain you feel

Oh it sure sounds real

I've been out here running this town

I'm not sure why you tracked me down

but you're on your own

when I get off this phone


Isn't this the way

you treated me when I needed you

You left me broken crying

bleeding too, needing you

Now you're the one left all alone....

Chorus (twice)

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