Roger Creager

Roger Creager - Love Is Crazy

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Roger Creager, Radney Foster

Magnets attract or magnets repel.

They either connect or they fight like hell.

It depends on how you turn them.

All hopped up on passion

Gal you lose all your rationale

And so do I when the fires start burning.

It's OK to lose control now and then.

That's just the way it is.


Love is crazy.

Always has been.

Make you laugh and cry and stay up all night.

Love is crazy, always will be.

Baby hang on tight cause love is crazy.

Chasing each other around at 2 am

The neighbor's patience is wearing thin.

OCause we live our lives too loud.

They're not sure we're doing this right.

Don't they make love after they fight?

Honey, we don't need that crowd.

They say we've lost our minds,

But who cares if they're right.



If it was up to you and me, the world could use more insanity.


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