Roger Creager

Roger Creager - I'm Missing You lyrics

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The autumn leaves are turning to rust and gold

I used to love this it just feels cold

I took a drive down to the shoreline

Thought the sea air could clear my mind

Walked along the beach an hour or two

I got this freedom you gave me,

Jesus to save me, but baby, I'm missing you

I drank the whiskey river dry

Found some lonely women to help me make it through the night

But the passion in the dark

Couldn't satisfy my heart

Morning only brings the bitter truth

I tried all I could think of

And all I could think of was baby, I'm missing you

I never meant those words I said

Wish I could take back what I did

I swear to God, this fool is still in love with you

I'll throw my pride away

I'll come right out and say

Baby, I'm missing you

I'm going crazy, please come save me

Baby, I'm missing you

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