Roger Creager

Roger Creager - I Can Too

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Roger Creager

I don't blame you, I know it was the only way that it could be

The only way to put an end to this was for you to put the hurt on me

I started seein' a side of you that I could never know

Until you walked out the door, yeah so I said


If you can sleep at night after what we had and

If you can read my words and say too bad

If you can keep on doin', exactly what you had to do

Yeah if you can live with this, baby I can too

Hey I can too

It's on and off just like a switch, you came and then you went

My heart was broken into, before it could've bent

No way in hell you could leave like that, if you had a heart like mine

Save your prayers for yourself, cause I'm fine

Repeat Chorus

Just in case your keepin' score

Chalk one up for me

You can walk away from true love

And that's the only way, the only way you'll ever be

Repeat Chorus

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