Roger Creager

Roger Creager - Gypsyland

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Roger Creager, Gary Nicholson

I left a note on her pillow,

kissed her check and slipped off into the wind.

All she wanted to know last night was when she'd see me again.

If I only knew myself then maybe I could say,

but my empty promises would only fade away into



Where the wheels never stop turning.


where the fires never stop burning.

Though it's hard to understand,

and girl though I'd love to be your man,

I'm lost out here in Gypsyland.

Once I held a woman or should I say she once held me.

Before I knew I could only live a life that's wild and free.

These days I search the Texas sky

for one bright star to tell me if there's still a chance

or if I've gone too far into


Rolling on night after night

Moving fast traveling light

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