Roger Creager

Roger Creager - Goodbye

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Roger Creager

Tonight I don't feel much like writing a song

But I guess I needed something to sing along

Something that I could sing and I could cry to

A song to help me say goodbye to you

Love says we'll always have forever

Life knew we'd have just awhile

Greener pastures lie ahead of you out there somewhere

I look into your heart and give a smile


Goodbye, goodbye

My answer for pain, she lies sleeping

Your remedy lies deep inside of you

I've always admitted the way you take things head on

Maybe someday I'll be strong like that too

I can't say that I blame you

I cannot say you were wrong

I never found the way to say this

So to you I sing this song


Repeat first verse

This song helped me say goodbye to you

I guess I finally said goodbye to you

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