Roger Creager

Roger Creager - Feel Again

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Roger Creager

Lay your head down tonight and dream of the love we had

Close your eyes so you won't see the man you love not hold you tight

A flame that once burned up the night, now we search for the spark

And it feels so strange not holding onto you, when we love

here in the dark


If you feel that I dont love you, feel my kisses soft upon your skin

If you feel that love has lost you, open up your arms and let me in

If you feel your heart is dying and its crying trying to give in

If you feel that I dont love you...feel again

I get caught up in my days, and forget about the nights

I never hear your silent cries, I just turn out the lights

But I remember when together was all we wanted to be

So as you lie across the bed tonight, darling turn and look at me


If you feel that I dont love you...wont you feel my love again

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