Roger Creager

Roger Creager - Driving Home

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Driving slow, it’s piling up on the highway

But I can’t stop until I reach Cheyenne

The radio plays a sad song of forgiveness

My love for you it leads me on Diane

Chorus: Honey you know I never should have left you

Now I’m running home as fast as I can

And I shake, and I roll

I let the highway bathe my soul

This bucket of rust & me burning up the night

With your love and lady luck

Riding shotgun in my truck

In the dead of the night

I’ve never been more alive

Driving home

I don’t know what I thought

I’d find out in California

But I dang sure found out what ain’t there

They got Hollywood, redwoods and wine

But they ain’t got your green eyes or auburn hair

So with the hammer down

Gas tank on empty

Yeah I’m running on adrenaline and prayer


And baby hang on, my God I’ve missed you.

And now I’m burning up the highway to you.


I’m driving home

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