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Rodgers And Hammerstein - How Can Love Survive From The Show lyrics

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No little shack do you share with me,<br />

We do not flee from the mortgagee,<br />

Nary a care in the world have we;<br />

How Can Love Survive?<br />

You're fond of bonds and you own a lot.<br />

I have a plane and a diesel yacht,<br />

Plenty of nothing you haven't got<br />

How Can Love Survive?<br />

No rides for us on the top of a bus<br />

In the face of the freezing breezes.<br />

You reach your goals in your comfy old Rolls<br />

Or in one of your Mercedes!<br />

Far, very far off the beam are we,<br />

Quaint and bizarre as a team are we,<br />

Two millionaires with a dream are we,<br />

We're keeping romance alive.<br />

Two millionaires with a dream are we,<br />

We'll make our love survive<br />

<br />

No little cold water flat have we,<br />

Warmed by a glow of insolvency,<br />

Up to your necks in security.<br />

How Can Love Survive?<br />

How can I show what I feel for you?<br />

I cannot go out and steal for you,<br />

I cannot die like Camille for you.<br />

How Can Love Survive?<br />

You millionaires with financial affairs<br />

Are too busy for simple pleasure.<br />

When you are poor it is toujours l'amour,<br />

For l'amour all the poor have leisure!<br />

Caught in our gold plated chains are we,<br />

Lost in our wealthy domains are we,<br />

Trapped by our capital gains are we,<br />

But we'll keep romance alive.<br />

Trapped by your capital gains are we,<br />

We'll (You'll) make our (your) love survive

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