ROCKO - Umma Do Me (Remix)

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I'm a true balla Bitch call me melo

Seats on da wood at da finals like hello (hello)

My money how u doin

It's getting jealous cause I keep on addin to it

Niggaz get murder cause dey don't know wat dey doin

Bitches get nervous cause she luv jus wat I'm doin

Dez niggaz lookin cause dis music wat I'm doin

Keep ya bitches cause da riches wat I'm pursuin

See da phantom on da 4's, I call em new ones

Keep da baddest of da hoes

Look at my new ones

I get new guns, like T.I.P. do

I get bar money

Dats wat da bricks do

You just do you (and what), umma do me, umma do me, umma do me

You just do you (and what), umma do me, umma do me, umma do me

Wanna see how it's done? Then watch me do me, watch me do me, watch me do me

Wanna see how it's done? Then watch me do me, watch me do me, watch me do me

Thesee niggas talking cane, but they pockets clean.

We spendin money getting money nuttin in between

Chasin a hundred mil ain't gon let nuttin intervene

Respect da hustle bustas gon do dat by any mean

Ay dis I really mean put dis on anything

Dey say I start a lot of shit I say I finish things

Jus like sum dental cream I go in niggaz mouth

And like da limousine I stretch a nigga out

Dis ain't watchu want now u betta take a different route

I ain't bankhead bitch nigga wat is dis about

Use to be bound wen u c me oh we tensin now

Ay stop da music listen dude I cum get witcha now

But once dem hammaz seen u know it's not a dream

We handlin thangs jus like holla mean naw mean

You hearin sayin dat about me you hearin sayin it

New Orlean niggas in ya face you ain't sayin shit

Money you say u get 30 mil. in six yrs

Listen Forbes didn't put him down for 20, dat was dis year

And let's get dis clear

Jus between you and me

Dat apology was fa B.E.T not D.T.P

I'm doin me

If you ain't talkin bout money you ain't talkin bout shit

You wasn't on da waitin list den u ain't ridin in shit

And if ya watch didn't cost a hundred den you wasted yo time

If you think u can do me you out yo mothafuckin mind (let's go)

Dis nigga insane,

Yea a straight fool

A half a million dollar car and sum house shoes

Call da dealer ships like ya'll trick me

Den y da hell u put my engine where my trunk be

I'm throwin franklins I don't need 1's

Smoke a pound every week like I don't need lungs

Buy em whole sales and sale em retails

Talkin sea food yea fish scales

I said I'm so hot but my house cool

So many rooms dat it looks like a high school

Speakin of high school I neva passed dat (Nope)

Works right hea

Now where da cash at

You wear Reebok, I wear Bally

You smoke Michy, I smoke Cali

You wear Enyce, but I wear Louie.

I drop 600 boys on dis guccis.

You really like her, you might wife her

I don't like her, so I one night her

You make it sprinkle, I make it tsunami

You get chump change, but I get money

You like dancing, I just two step

You like to trick off, but I don't do dat

You don't tote guns, I keep dat tooly.

Wanna see how it's done? Watch me do me!

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