ROCKO - Squares Out Your Circle Feat. Future

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You got people that surround you

They gone try they best to down you

Keep them squares up out your circle

What don't kill you gone hurt you

And it’s only gone get worser

It's only gone get…

You got people that surround you

They gone try they best to down you

Keep them squares up out your circle

What don't kill you gone hurt you

And its only gone get worser

And it's only you get worser

Verse 1

I had to cut them niggas off

they aint mean me no good

Hate when I'm on TV, love when I was stuck in the hood

I had to maximize my craft

get up off my ass

My bitches say they gonna leave me

always sit and I laugh, I just laugh

cut up the base

cut down treble

This what I tell em

Im a loner dotie, Im a rebel it's whatever

I wish I could take everybody with me

but I can't so I aint'

but I ain't gonna lie, if I could I do it

I know different languages

speak a few of them fluent

in other words what Im tryin to say I aint in the USA

I've been tryin to stay away

the states ain't big enough for me

right now Im in Belize

you stay you called, I was probably sleep

it's midnight in Georgia, where Im at its noon

and aint' coming back that way no time soon

these niggas talking bout they new cars

to me thats a waste of money

Im never home

buying multiple luggage Im trying to stay gone

Black called me from the bean told me hold it down i told him hold his hand

I guess we're sayin the same thing

number one rule of the game

play for keeps

sleep with one eye open these streets a beast.

future preach


Pray the Lord to help me spot my foes

next thing you know I started losing friends

aint' got the energy for no foolishness

I got a list of shit to do

make believers out of atheists

whats going on with you

Im a barb wire tire, gotta stay sharp

cross my heart

Cross by my heart

Spit chrome heart; Help me spot the fakes

Wolves in sheep clothing, I loath them

Donny Brasco, Benedict Arnold

should not be harmed by any weapon formed

so Im not alarmed

plus I stay armed

they mad 'cause they off and I stay on

plus I done got better so the hatin done got worser

Constantly travelling, show business

You think Rocko got them millions, that aint yo business

They tried to count me out

But if its one thing you can count on

You can count on me

Sometimes you gotta cut off your finger

To save your hand

You don’t understand what that means

That’s that gangrene

Decapitate, Amputate

Cut it off

Sever your ties completely

.. Future preach


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Sunday 30th of September 2012 02:12
yep yep
Thursday 24th of May 2012 18:55
thats my shit if i knew him i would be in love with him and his voice
Tuesday 1st of May 2012 20:49
Wednesday 11th of April 2012 04:30
Love This Song .. It is otc .. like foreal !!!! A1FBG Galll
Sunday 25th of March 2012 17:40
Benedict Arnold...not been there did honor...He is talking about traitors...
Tuesday 27th of December 2011 11:18
Keep them squares out your circles. That's what Rocko advises us that on his latest track called "Squares out your circles". The song also features the well known american rapper Future.