Ro Ransom

Ro Ransom - Jayex Let The Beat Build

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Bitch, you know my name, I am Ro Ransom

Creepin' through my city like a rogue phantom

Yeah, russian roulette with a loaded handgun

Who'd a-thought that back the future could be so handsome?

I beat death but I might let em get a rematch

Cuz life's a bitch and you know damn well I don't need that

Plus, I ain't neva gave no love to these hoes either

Cuz I'm a monster like Macer, you get cold ?

That's just the honest truth, it ain't pretty, baby

You can't fuck me, this exactly what the city made me

It's like the name Noah just don't fit me lately

It might be unusual, but these are more suitable

I'm Tuels in 05, Lou Bei in 06, I'm Lil Wayne in 07, can you picture this?

I turned down the same hoes these thirsty niggas hit

Movie goonie, how could I not stick to the script?


(Verse 2)

I used to have rapper friends, now I don't want their help

I'm on a suicide mission all by myself

Neva ran with a clique, I'm the posy

Kamikaze trappin' the muthafuckin' bomb across me

Sick as I've ever been, suck my dick? You will neva win

My new girl is 21 and she's thicker than leatherskin

I'm consistent foreverhand, underaged veteran

Straight to the prose, 36 in the ?

Straight dunkin', wish a nigga would say somethin'

I'm so southern, I got 6 or 7 play cousins

Yeah, but so NY that I don't play, cousin

Fuck with me and meet the reaper, bitch, it ain't nothin'

Massive with the flow, I'm a disaster with the flow

Ain't no bother to my sky, old dirty bastard with the flow

I am immaculate, I have mastered it, if you rappers didn't know

Gave my life up for this shit

AIn't no-one passionate as rogue, pussy

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