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RL (Of Next) - Just Pray (God) lyrics

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It’s god over everything, it ain’t just a slogan

I lay drop on the devil, call me Hulk Hogan

A vision for my soul so my boat is always floating

Your lights is like … y’all need to do some scoping

I ain’t one dreaming them…

I’m fast pace like my last name I’m always going

God is my everything I stay up in this real

You came crashing…it ain’t the fire drill

I keep my gates guarded cause it’s god’s property

Take it all lord, this is spiritual robbery

I ain’t gotta say much, I will be silent

Here take the throne, let me hear…

God you are my comfort, as you give me my direction

You rule the world, didn’t need no election

My god, my god, that’s all I be saying

I’m the … I wrote the voice, yeah, he gonna do the singing

My god, my god, my god I don’t hear …. Won

That god, that god… will always lead the way

Have faith, just pray, just say

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, is in me

Grace is amazing got them saying what they here for.

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