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RL (Of Next) - Hold Up, Wait lyrics

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I wrote this for my tumbls, I pinned this for my twitter page

And this shit is just play play

I’m still saying your name

Make love tonight, make love

It’s 11 30 pm, on july 17

Promise that you won’t leave

Yeah, it’s just that same old same, same

Stressing tryina maintain, taking all out on my main thang

And you ain’t there to … but you’re the closest one

That’s tell me so that you feel the same thang

I know that you got problems too

When you tired of me always taking might out on you

And I don’t know what to do

But girl I know you’re something that I just can’t loose

Damn, I done messed up shit again, I really need a friend

… hold up, wait

Sorry baby, forgive me boo

Just don’t leave what I gotta do

Hold up, wait, just hold up, wait

Let me make it up to you

Love, tonight, it’s all I wanna do

Baby just me and you

Love tonight, just me and you tonight

I wanna make love tonight

Baby just me and you

Make up tonight

Promise that you won’t leave.

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