RL (Of Next)

RL (Of Next) - He Aint Me lyrics

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Hey there pretty mama

See you’re here wit your man

Don’t wanna start no drama

But I just can't understand

It’s been a minute since that thing that we had

He ain't does it like I does it

And you know who I am

He ain’t me


I know you got a man but he ain’t me

Girl why you wanna waste yo time, come on choose a G

Don't wanna seem disrespectful at all but why can’t you see?

He’s alright but he’s not real cus he ain’t me

You cross my mind from time to time, do you think about me too? (I know you do)

And even though he’s getting what’s mine he can’t crush it like I do

The way I broke you off, hold yo head, smack it soft

Why even be here with him when it’s me that you want?

He ain’t me


Bring it back


Come on now


Don't worry bout him over there

Look at me when I’m talkin to you

I got what you need

I got what you wanna

You know that you’ve been not lonely

So I guess you knew that

So why don’t you get at it?

Come on

Now think hard, it’s your next move

Make sure it’s yo best move

Choose up and slide my way, you know what to do

Cus he ain’t me


Now let me see you ride with me

Let me see you move

Now let me see you slide with me

You know how I do

Let me see you

Let me just see you

Let me look at you, girl

It’s been a minute, you know?

Pimpin is what pimpin does

You lookin at a pimp

Anyone pimpin wants

This some algebra

It’s not real nigga

I’m back

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