RL (Of Next)

RL (Of Next) - Control lyrics

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Anybody can control a woman’s body

See, but the key is to control her mind

You’re shakin like it’s cold in here

It’s like 100 degrees

Baby just doin what she’s told in here

Relax, kick back girl, follow me

Let me take you to a place, wanna stay

And when we done we just lay

And I swear that I love and I come

Give me some

Let me take control

Let me take control


Let me take control

Just relax and let me…

Take off all your clothes

Close your eyes baby

It’s okay to let go

Hold me tightly, girl

Please just grab a hold… of me

And let me take control

Like you’re layin here next to me

I can feel your heartbeat

I’m workin my love up and down and it feels so good to me

I start to kiss you slow

Start up top and down I go

Birds playin on the radio

Deeper and deeper felatio

Let me take control

Let me take control


Ass forward

Til the moment I dive inside

And then pause

So I can look deep in your eyes

Now relax

Inside of you

All day and all night

And we can rewind

Come on, baby

We can do it one more time


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