RICKY BLAZE - Attention

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<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

Ay, Ay, Ay,

Ay, Growing up as a kid, saw so many things,

That made me learn, to pay attention.

Got this girl, I gave my all to,

Being in love, made me fall to,

But I got nothin in return, so that made me understand,

So make it burn.

What don't kill you only makes you stronger,

Being more wiser, live more longer.


Loving you girl, wasn't in my intentions,

But I do, and I think it's forever.

Oh, girl, I should mention,

Girl, I need your attention,

I need your attention,

Girl, I need your attention,

Girl, I need your attention,

Girl, I need your attention.

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

Being far, you would stay on the phone.

But now'a days, you tell me you gotta go.

Did I do something, because I don't know,

Got me feeling, so all alone.

When I see you, It's not for long,

Giving attention to, who don't belong.

In your heart, like I do.

So I'll just do you the favor, and leave you.


<i>[Verse 3:]</i>

Ay, Yo Ricky, I got this,

You should get with me, I'm kinda good lookin',

How many guys at a time, be pushin.

Girl I'm a stand out, so put ya hand out,

I'm puttin' something in it to show you what I mean about,

Style is ridiculous, and you should get with it,

Messin with them other lame guys, you ain't gettin it.

No need to sell crack, the whole world thing,

Now I make the type of money your home girls dream about.

The news be copying, and paper will be droppin',

- turn style this is 2 50 boppin, your booty is poppin,

And I don't care what they say,

You could be your own top model every single day.

Shorties think they hot, but they're really not stars,

Sun and the moon, they used to be far,

But we wrote 'uhm together, cause that's who we are.

And now we got the peple wearing shades in the dark.


Oh, attention, attention.

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