Rick Ross

Rick Ross - V.S.O.P (Remix)

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[Rick Ross:]

Master I got this, you heard me?

Them niggas hatin us

We run the show

We all pay the rolls, the suckers pay the role,

No shots till you hear the shots fire

Niggas wanna be hot, no it’s not time,

So make foes out of best friends,

Scuff timbs but the truck Benz,

Breaking rules for play the fool,

Shout out my fools, back in Haiti to,

We get money when the coast clear,

Two hundred foot yatch name it No Fear,

My phone dead, but I make calls,

We make money then we make more,

I told her one day she could be a boss,

Baby a baby Julie green wall,

Yea, we the team lean on

Butt naked in the pool with my rings on,

Money machines on, tell K.Michelle a new kings on,

This the theme song, mastermind my baby, sing on em.

[K. Michelle:]

Very special all night

One on the bed

It’s a little cold on your shoulder

Mama said, I will understand when I pull the in my head

Even if you tell me it’s over,

I pretend you told I’m your all,

‘cause you know this ain’t an ordinary love,

We got so much history in the stories about of,

So come on over baby.

We gonna light the candles tonight, very special

we gonna do whatever you like, very special,

got so many chillin’ on nights, very special,

hopes you make the rest of our lives, very special, oh

very special, all night.

We supposed to be with you that’s .. to tell me,

I can’t really count em when everybody gonna tell me

She’s in a baby in a couple days,

And I’ma get my baby right up in this space,

Flowers and gifts, restaurants

I swear he buy me anything I want

That’s why I’m so quit to

Put the music on for you this .. baby.

VSOP tonight, very special

We can do whatever you like, very special

That’s Ok .. got something to chillin on your ice baby

Very special, I hope you make the rest of my life,

Very special, oh oh

Very special, oh oh oh, very special

All night.

We gonna get on, oh

We .. ohh

All night.

Thanks to Jazz for correcting these lyrics

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