Rick Ross

Rick Ross - This Me

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Wet bars on the boat

Wet broad money low

Real like scott storch off from the coke

Maybachs were a dream, now it's all real

It's hard to get sleep laying next to 5 mil

Still get the chills I call em the goosebumps

Ya alex had a vision I'm building like two trumps

Step in goosebumps I'm the main event

Got a pocket full of game bring the main intent

Six bitches phone numbers on the same napkin

Now that's what the f**k I call a chain reaction

You see it, these niggas living off the pad

Ya I ran 100 miles but I did it all with class

Hands all glass, wrists all glass

Real on heron how long will the crystal last

Champaing to poar celebrate the cause

Hover above the law at the mercy of the lawyers

What's worst a testimony from your homy

Tables turn quick I told you not to f**k with tony

You started with the dishes then it went to digits

I had to cross friendships it's rules to the business

All the time with a siter like gina

Beauty salon dream got the keys in the beemer

On the way to cheetas pointin an army

Land my spaceship with the spoilers on it

Seen the ufos, fbi, atf let em know how a nigga ride

44 with 45s and 64s

Half a pill two dimes six folks

I need a slice of the pie

456 as I throw the dice in the sky

Head crack nigga, bread stacks nigga

Convertible purp ya I let my hat back nigga

Lamborghinis and mazerattis for mediocrhes

When the lease over back to the streets soldier

Call cold shoulder mike make me bring the heats over

When the beefs over mike see the peach rovas

We the eats while we trying to reach each quota

No soda rolls rolla one owner

Broad yayo eighty grand one corner

Luis vuitton right size don't want em

They trippin I'm trippin in tiffany stones

Get a mop peter prop I'm living it homes

Cheufer I blow purp and no skirts

4 chains will put you down with more work

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