Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Teflon Boss

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Cut me up just a little bit

It feels good to be the boss right now

I made that point in my life

You gotta feel me

(girl says) MAYBACH MUSIC x 2

Niggas bitch and complain

Bitch, while I'm rich off cocaine

I got your favorite rapper bitch suckin' dick in my range!

I've been in on them things

Lil ignorant lames, makin claims, full blown faker than a (nigga) chain

Who runnin this shit?

Who triller than boss?

Now she sucking my dick, so she licking my balls.

You know my cribs huge,

I got three maids, I got a big pool, my shit is ....

Bitch, I'm living my dreams!

There is a God, I remember when dinner depended on my fishing rod

Now the cars Jaguars with the missing tops,

Niggas thugs no gloves when the pistols pop.

I pop my Impalla, how we get so polished?

Dining with Sean Carter, his favorite is Vodka with three olives

Started a non-profit, but trust me I'm all profit!

I'm doing them big numbers and trust me that's all I get!

Maybachs! Mayhem! Millionaires say him!

Hangin out the window just a waving at you lay- ems.

Lames! I can't even see in my circumference,

I'm the one you want fuck with!



Maybach music!

I silence my critics ,My, violence is so vivid,

Cause I live it you pretend it come and get some experience!

Bitch, I make the rules and I call the shots

Yeah, I'm making moves, all you haters not

All my favorite foods, as them bottles pop

Fuck with Jamaican dudes cooler than the barber shops

Ain't got a lot of grah, ain't got a lot of bodies

Kamikaze in Masserati with the shower posse

I'm that big belly man, big belly man, man

Big belly man, I'm that big belly man,

Fat son of a bitch stack that dough i'm rich fast

It's all I spit and fact, just suck my dick come back!

Getting my bitches thats official than these beats

I break them down my feet, went up on niggas

At least fifty per cent is fifty for me to spit

You can diss me cause it take fifty for me to flinch

And you're dead broke, bitch I'm looking at your shoes

Glance at the bezels, see the yellow and the blues

It's a full time job not to do niggas

Looking (inaudio)these fags want to sue niggas!

Menace to society, business by variety

Shakira on the Lear, Nigga cheers just a sign to me

Crew Rose', Move more yay'

I bought your bitch to the ghetto,Fuck her for 2 whole days

And she came so she very glad she came

The biggest nigga in the game, my name!

Thanks to The Don for correcting these lyrics

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