Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Starin Thru My Rearview (Remix)

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(Intro: Pac)

When I feel it's me against the world

I honestly reckon by myself sometimes

(Verse: Ross)

Plenty you pussies plidin' on my downfall

Neva satisfied until 'em things goin' off

GQ's best dress, nigga, that a year

Need the yayo out of state, I always run it here

Caught in traffic, but they neva caught me slippin' in it

Yo bitch anotha mistress, nigga, but don't get offended

The beef dead now, but I'm movin' to a bigger business

Bulletholes in yo bust, but who benefiting?

The first hunnid roll I did it whippin' in the kitchen

Soon as you get the pretty cars, then they come a-killin'

Take yo soul and they sell it on the black market

Lost walk the silk road, just anotha target

Award tours, but the trial's still on the quest

Pull out yo cigarettes, nigga, when we be on the set

Heart of a soldier, so go tell yo management

I have these down here's niggas with the candles lit

Called the deli couple times, I got the voice mail

But the BM on the line, they gave that boy chills

Sit in the corner by myself, I hear the voice clip

Crossed the Queens bridge, nigga, by the forth ghyea

Box on my ankle, every night I plug it up

Askin' my lawyer, possibly could they be buggin' us?

Neva be envy an artist as they reach a pentacle


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