Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Nickel Rock

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Feat. Boosie Badazz

International by toast all my first nigga rock

Can’t sit and wait the first niggas spot

Rest in peace for us and worry, we gotta give ‘em brose

If it ain’t you we’ll get nigga drop

If it ain’t you will get the first nickel rocks

Natural hustler so you know the dreams group

Goo dees so the sherry, what the crème do

But still when I was ten two

Are we ready for whatever when we came to?

Young nigga took a tan man he chose all done

All the boys over there we never took it there

Do the math on the tab on the av when the time comes

Have your (?) at your back when you get stuck

Hell mama like to deal with the nigga rhyme

Even when we get the phone on with the nigga on

Got my first bent and jowls from the nigga rock

Even feel extraordinary with the nigga rock

Got it all with the danz, all the nigga rock

Gotta fight for all the zell with the niggas rock

See the man killers brother for a nigga rock

I’m a bad motherfucker with the niggas rock

That’s got pop behind a nigga

This time is on the block, is on the nigga

Gansta pea got thirty with the Nickle Rock repeat all field

Shoulda told you need to stop ‘fore they here for dinner

Sure gran by sinner, this world never stop

When you finish communion you gonna give a nigga rock

Lose start with the Nickel Rock on fifty blocks

Thirty years fam cuz he saw that first Nickle Rock

Got my first...for a Nickle Rock

Ain’t no lied it, what happened if I had it, she woulda have a block

Rock saller over hit, no quest joking

Order fife (?) and damn

Damn mama like deal with the Nickle round it

We’ve been get the phone on with the Nickle round it

Got my first path jorn with the Nickle round me

He will feel extraordinary with the Nickle round it

Got it all with the daz with the Nickles on

Gotta find all these zale with the Nickels round me

See the man killers brother for a nickels round it

Put the pistol on your name and get the blame

I just wanna feel the fame nigga, get the chain

All shutter on the team, I’ve been a king

Started with a nigga rocking and be triple beat with what you want

Go red, you the fan

But this listen to your head, it’s time to go to bed

On here counting I just wanna see my diamond fine

We’re too (?) so I go back to the (?)

Real when you nigga rock and rack a deal

You’ll see when a nigga get back and a nigga deal

Doubling we get the money that you never will

My nigga rock to my party til I have a mil

Pay mamma like deal with then nickel rock

We’ll be get the phone on with the nickel rock

Got my first pale joint with the nickel rock

Either feel extorting for the nickel rock

Got it all with the banz on ‘em, nigga rock

Gotta find dollar zip with the nickel rock

See the man killers brother for the nickel rock

I’mma bad motharfuck’ with the nickel rock

No one hurts but set them off and fifty and pieces up

But anyway I repeat to the (?)

One time for that boy black

Shut up the greater

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