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Music video: Rick Ross' 'Yella Diamonds' and Yelawolf's 'Marijuana' got premiered

Music video: Rick Ross' 'Yella Diamonds' and Yelawolf's 'Marijuana' got premieredRappers Rick Ross and Yelawolf have debuted at the same time two music videos in support of their latest singles. The Maybach Music Group's boss, Rick Ross debuted the music video for his track "Yella Diamonds" in which he stars as a real hustler. Directed by Dre Films, the video, the clip tells the story of drug dealer Ross as "El gordito Rozay", while another competing dealer named Jose tries to sell his own narcotics, posed as Yellow Diamonds, which is a major no-go in the underworld. "I'm going to be RICH FOREVER too...so F--- YOU GORDITO!" says Ross' adversary at one point. But Ross ain't intimidated at all, and he gets back his Yella Diamonds.

At the end of the music video for "Yella Diamonds", Rick Ross also previews some shots of a brand new music video and movie for the Untouchable Maybach Music Empire.

Meanwhile, Yelawolf's video "Marijuana", co-produced by himself in collaboration with By Figz is as addictive as the infamous plant is. He takes a ride into the marijuana field and steals some plants while he spits his verses : "Marijuana/ Growin' it up/ Cut it down/ Pack it up, Pass it around/ Everybody loves some/ Marijuana, Makes you happy/ Feelin' stupid/ Girls get horny/ When they use it, Everybody smokes some". Check out the video after the jump.

Rick Ross' music video "Yella Diamonds" feat Spanglish & Pac Man :

Yelawolf's music video "Marijuana":</b.