Rick Ross

Album release: Rick Ross 'Teflon Don'

Album release: Rick Ross 'Teflon Don'Tomorrow, July 20 is the date for Rick Ross' album release 'Teflon Don' !
Loved "Maybach Music II"? There's Maybach Music III on Teflon Don. Can't stand Maybachs? There's "Aston Martin Music" here. Teflon Don also has a winner in the Kanye collaboration "Live Fast, Die Young," in which West rhymes: "You can go ahead and sneeze 'cause my presence blessed you."

Here is the tracklisting:

  1. I'm Not A Star
  2. Free Mason
  3. Tears of Joy
  4. Maybach Music III
  5. Live Fast, Die Young
  6. Super High
  7. No. 1
  8. MC Hammer
  9. B.M.F.
  10. Aston Martin Music
  11. All The Money In The World
Take a listen to the album's snippets here :