Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Maybach Music IV

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(Verse 1)

Such a breath of fresh air

Get a blow job, have a seizure on a Lear

Or get a new car, I could lease it for a year

Bring it back tomorrow, that’s a lease that disappear

Count new money, peeling out a venue

New Maybach after it was discontinued

Never question mine, my mind is so inventive

I tripled my net worth and threw in a few incentives

Maybach IV the allure that I adore

All for the game, we got ones on the floor

See me on the wood, nigga, pause at the game

Two mil, the jewels, the floor, ask the lames

Bow to the boss in the presence of a don

Started on the corner nigga, and didn’t have a coin

Playing my position for a club that I can join

Never in a drought, but that boy know he going

Throw me a bone, get me a brick

The sound of the Quran I’m gonna go the chips

Go and get a rental, I gotta keep them ?

She’s showing some potential, so we taking trips

Nigga, ass lasts while memories fade

I’ma, pass that I don’t get paid

I’m a Mike Tyson diaper, typewriter sniper

Double M life until a nigga pay the piper

I love when the beat dip

Same way I love to see a key flip

Go and pay your mama house off

Get sucked off, shorty wipe your mouth off

I’m alive, you could never wipe the South off

South ? boxing a nigga off like a outlaw

Quick thinker, big better shut your mouth, wha?

Black chips, gold bottles ship it out what

Pulling up slow, look at that boy

Young B.I.G., Lil Kim on tour

Lil Cease with me, all the cheese with me

All the g’s with me, Maybach Eazy-E


The good times don’t last long

Just rewind the last song

We all shared some great times

As I read some great rhymes


What we’ve does, is what dreams are made of

Come and get your love, ?

(Verse 2)

500 for the car that I got on the strip

That’s another 100 for what I got on my wrist

800 for the jar that I’m about to twist

It’s a female ?, you know life’s a bitch

As I get high, move my curtains to the side

Age like fine wine, ambitions they never die

Niggas get abused like boys at Penn State

Greatest that ever did it, decided my own fate


Dreams, everything that we are

The life that we’re living, baby it’s ours

Dreams, money, homes, and cars

Baby that’s a given, I’m talking about every fantasy

Be good real with me, still don’t mean something, ooohhh, oh

Baby come with me and live the dream

Maybach Music


It’s a whole nother different element

It’s Maybach Roman numeral four

You couldn’t fathom this, you couldn’t imagine this

You can’t produce this, you won’t reproduce this

I’ll be dreaming of you

I’ll be dreaming of you

You’ll be thinking ?

I’ll be dreaming of you

I’ll be dreaming of you

I’ll be dreaming of you

You’ll be thinking ?

I’ll be dreaming of you

(LA Reid)


This is LA Reid

It takes a boss to know a boss

It takes greatness to recognize greatness

Ricky Ross, the boss, Maybach IV<br />

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