Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. T-Pain, Kanye West, Lil Wayne)</B></FONT><BR><BR>


Realest shit I ever rode, chillin' in my Maybach<br>

Whatever I sing now homie I'm a Maybach<br>

Can you believe that? Whooo<br>

You gotta see it<br>

'Cause I don't plan on going broke, put that on my Maybach<br>

'Cause I'm in it to win, ya'll niggers can't take that<br>

Listen to my Maybach Music, to my Maybach Music<br>


<i>[Kanye West]</i><br>

Martin, Louiee the King Junior<br>

Startin' all that stunti' is gonna ruin ya<br>

B I was a lie, he probably had a two-tone<br>

With the great poop on, anything that Ye poop on<br>

Will explode, 'cause I am the shit and this is my kamol<br>

Oh oh that it go<br>

Talkin' 'bout how your boys clothes extra tight<br>

I just remembered that my lime light extra bright<br>

I hit the Strip Club as girls get extra hype<br>

You hit the strip club and girls turn extra dyke<br>

We know who not gettin' no sex tonight<br>

And a lap dance will probably be a blessin' right<br>

So all this shit you talkin' dead, Coffin<br>

Like the weed coffin<br>

New Crib: Lofton<br>

Where is that? Austin<br>

Where is that? Texas<br>

What's in front: Benzes<br>

What else? Lexus<br>

Well whose Maybach is this? Mr. West's<br>




<i>[Rick Ross]</i><br>


Cush my life controlium<br>

Crib need custodians<br>

Shades in all shades<br>

B's made of rodium<br>

Used to be the - Smoke<br>

Hoe's call it - Low<br>

Now I got so many horses bitches call me polo<br>

57, 62<br>

Tell me how you wanna move<br>

Yeah you know I got them both<br>

Beat your ass black and blue<br>

I was barely gettin' pretty women<br>

Now I scoop any winners like Kitty Litter<br>

Any winner fended denim like a slender nigger<br>

Lookin' in the mirror I can see the real contender<br>

Sellin' reeffer even Gregory I'm on my dinner<br>

So what the fuck are you tellin' me other than your gender?<br>

I'm a boss and I ride them like a small Vogue<br>

Niggers make you wheels and ride them until they fall off<br>

Yeah, Ross<br>




<i>[Lil' Wayne]</i><br>

All black Maybach, I'm sittin' in the asshole<br>

Classy as a mother still gutter as a bad ball<br>

Benjamin Franklin on ex how that cash roll<br>

That's right, them mills do like damp clothes<br>

I eat your meal too, we don't feel you<br>

And we be strappin' up like the Navy Seal do<br>

Sweet as banana split everytime I peel through<br>

Fresher than Will Smith and Uncle Phil too<br>

Watchin' TV in the Maybach in traffic<br>

I'm on my feet like tough actin' ten actin'<br>

I'm runnin' this shit, you should try tacklin'<br>

Lil' Wayne in one word: Immaculate<br>


You see the Big, you see the Jay, the 2Pac in him<br>


The Kurt Cobain and Andre Three Stacks then I'm back to doing shit like I do<br>

Sing Maybach Music<br>




<i>[Thanks to Alex Torres for these lyrics]</i><br>


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