Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Magic

rate me

Shawty told me

the way i keep that money at that bag

it's like magic baby

come f*ck with a magician do you feel me

i'ma make that six hundred pop up

i'ma make that ghost pop up

that drop it ..wanna come down

do you feel me

grab a hand of my .. ..condo

your girl love my condo

standing laugh for my ..

yeah that bitch uncore

f*ck me like a fresh man but that ass is so soft

say she had the clock Atlanta

so wish your GPA i'm in my ..

them bridge been jumping fast

call me a chick for late

your girl i cut her ass just like i did today

if you dream and livin

we young niggas livin

why we say our duffle

i'm ready know what's sinny

i see no limits like ..

i see no niggas round with this ..

killin out the club you know i handle my

..hatin niggas every time

had to pop the .. like it's magic

50 grant on my left like it's magic

like it's magic


...leave a message

king bad bitches and i got em out of ..

the way i made the work it's too ..

sipping on the purp..

while i magic while i magic while i magic

..the party line leave magic

seepin on the purp hittin ..

on ym wya to .. i forgot to do ..

call ym ..he gonna make it through magic ..

and drop it through airport

50 thousand dollar on .. on ..

..with the fire

all the stash can ..retire

i had to drop the hair put me on ..

excuse me but my ..

if you ..two bad bitches wanan f*ck em the ..


[2 x Hook:]

...they wanan think for em

i know tricks like

i .. you a real pimp pull on talking

when you're walking i'm satisfied

i double .. new push


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