Rick Ross

Rick Ross - King Boss

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I didn't mention the..misses havender

My only artist are money heavy the manager

And calling pretty when pretty girls is the passenger

she says she dreams.. somewhere in Africa

..sweetest the artist graffiti

she got the dirty version and ..on the CD

when we in person is the singing

I've been that Maybach nigga..the curtain

she told me the sign next mine ..the dollars,

I'm pimpin all this suckers the canario the prada

see me a star far from a bitch warmer

shit get out of kitchen I just warm up.

Don't..to notice what you're living like

you got a nigga with credit but what it's dreaming like

meet me at the choffa, make classes spend the night

I'm knocking floor..with the limit slice,

I'm a ball she can tell by the.. streaming

and red Gucci slippers she can ..get the soul,

I'm a boss she can tell by the Rose,

the new black fifty cent and next that I drove.

She needs to get away let's get in Puerto Rico

money, machines and the Bentley of this speed bow,

clear for custom I'm straight to the..

we're getting bully ..next to ..

she not regular ..who not selling baby town

all the friends wanna fuck she wanna head you..no

we stay no, working out trying to make you strong

I'll be in it for a minute trying to break ..

she daddy .. but now she fuck with me,

she finally made it to the biggest spot like a ..

see my life doubts similar of the life doubts,

..for a chest full of ice dog

she in love a nigga even if I get a rent

..should I seen a smile when she got it this..

I'm in the dance, so I'm in a hurry

when we stand every time I want to ..in a fur

She went from ..the air France

air masters stacks and in a hurry miss

rubies ..there's getting movie premieres

our true religion is Christian you don't forgive a Lord

she ..my king magazine, once I get you ..in jeans

By the boom, by the beam,

I've been the 40 40 I see Beyonce

They cut the J, I mean look at my fiance

that's in stack of approval, from player to player

let me obey the.. it's not what you ..

The Maserati niggas, I get the checks yeah

I'm like the ..baby I am soil..

I came from the ghetto,

I'm on top of the world, gotta seat it on the bottom

so when you look at me, recognize the king,

recognize the boss, recognize the dream.

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