Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Grab Ya Belt

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..come to the chain game, this ain't real

I wake up with this every day,

I miss McDonalds man

I wanna rock

I didn't see some things, man can read

I didn't see some chinks that make me in bleed

I didn't see some things that make grown man cry,

a sadness feeling, watch your old man die,

you think is cooler, niggas get the ..

smoking on a back of fools, getting pussy off your shoes,

then you get a charge well I didn't stole the car,

shit you don't know for another fly on the job,

keep to yourself with that pussy shit the rest,

we speak with killers ain't got muscles in their neck

get crunched in the nose, wake up in the coma

I'll make your ass a woman we ain't wake up in the tunnel

you're feeling loan getting pressure by the games,

the mother fizzy she can really see you change,

talking slirt ain't no telling what you're sipping

rest fucking up the game, every Saturday we all watching so train

asking their charge I bet they tell you cocaine,

when it better fast catch a little boss.

asking bills now you my floss,

and paper watch us but we got the watch..

there's a cooking motherf*cking games

smoking weed we ain't bout the paper

bout to put the chains,

I wake up and I look at lanes,

this the kid motherf*cker I didn't bought the lane

And I can keep going lames,

still pissed 'cause I got a charge shouldn't threw away

they should've threw away

Lord knows my charge they should've threw away

Now I gotta go, oh shit

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