Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Gone To The Moon

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First class flight to the moon

George Mafia nigga

Maybach music

October 13, meet Nelly, dreams and nightmares

I think you all know exactly what the fuck that is

Ha, ha, ha

God forgives the... on the road of platinum

Yeah, Warner brothers... records

The power circle, Maybach music

Shout out to the entire conglomerate, nigga

Black... all you niggas invited

You were invested like Jews, nigga

I'll be at these wars, I still be living by rules

So when I run in the dudes,

you know we're stumping in the mood

..niggas say when they're flopping

Let me get back to my bitches

Cause you bitch niggas ain't nothing

Miami boys and this bitch

I bought all... with me

Still buy pussy from strippers

To send them kilos to silly niggas

This really is a gift

Look at the wheels of my...

Who wanna go to the moon,

I'm screaming scream reload clip?

I bought my bitch from perfections

You know I buy my affection

Ain't no love for me nigga,

And I accept my directions

On my road to perfections, so many hours invested

So many niggas we handle

You know the other profession

I'll go to the moon

I'll go to the moon

I'll go to the moon

Yeah, I'll go like balloon

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