Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Get Love Too

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[Intro]BossFour-five off in the rideFo' blunts for me to get highTrilla funk when I ride byWho the fuck told you I'm finished?Ricky Ross is strictly businessI got so many bitchesMy rims so many inchesI got so many hatersbut got so many bullets (holla)Bitches it's the bosswho reps it to the fullestM.I., llello, money out the asssssssYeah we touchin llello so it's funny that you askWhippin hard got me in them different carsDifferent girls, same time, call it a menageIt's no co-sign, C-note is trillRobbers won't rob, they know it's realThey know the deal, they know I dealThey know I have, they know I will[Chorus]I'm talkin money, cars, clothes - can you dig it?And you said you want it hood, let me show you how we get itWhere the bitches gettin love too, hustlers gettin love tooStart huggin, mad Southern gangsters gettin love tooWhat you ain't heard that we does - gettin love tooSeven-trey bird, Motor World, gettin love tooProbably send them first to who I serve - gettin love tooSmoke with the boss, Ricky Ross, I gets love too[Rick Ross]Big wheels on the shit I driveBig boys wanna deal with INew stash, niggaz steal my fireBig blunts got the Benz on fireFlip flows like I flip dopeMake a nigga get flat for a C-noteLet your boy get stacks like a ArabBetter get back I'm strapped and I blow like C-4Llello, pesos, big Frank, caseloadsDollar bills - count 'em up; baddest bitches - round 'em upAll my cars drippin wet, my squad, they get respectMy two ladies baby gangsters; turn your back they'll slit'cha neckTake your watch, take your spotTurn that bitch to a vacant lotThey see that face and rocksThey give me face off topMy face be everywhere, I get them heavy staresNiggaz never stare, they know I'm never scared[Chorus][Rick Ross]We came from Section 8, so now my section straightWe startin liftin weights, runnin routes, stretchin bassMy team winners, niggaz didn't know (hoe)We the Dolphins in '72, a clean blowI done seen blizzards, I'm chillin when it snowI'm mean with the digits, I'm illin when it's lowI keep my gloves on, keeps the speed fastI'm burnin green fast (I need I need cash)She understand my grind, niggaz know my gameIt's the R-O-C, rich off cocaine (boss)My face be everywhere, I get them them heavy staresNiggaz never stare, I gotta let you know[Chorus]

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