Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Foreclosures

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There's so many things that I don't understand

Sometimes, bein in the position

I am, with no malicious intent, my nigga, you can take it how you want it

I see it from both sides, I feel a nigga pain


Learn to walk a tightrope

Ever seen a rich nigga go broke?

They puttin liens on a nigga's things

Publicize your demise, and by all means

Your family fortune is forever what you stood on

Sold dreams, fantasies that put the hood on

You reap what you sow, and they speakin repossessions

To the culture itself, these are powerful lessons

These niggas always smiled when I came around

They let you know my reputation when you in my town

A real nigga, you gon know that by the contract

Bottom line blood, show me where them one’s at

That paper it get funny when publishin is involved

Mechanicals never mattered cuz that was your dog

Now you hands-on, but things don’t ever seem right

You make a call to give your lawyer the green-light

He look into it then hit you up with the bad news

It’s so familiar, he did the same with the last dudes

Mafioso, baby girl, cash rules

Every dollar accounted for, double M the crew


Death Row, fast life

Foreclosed on my past life

The white man call us stupid niggas

We spend it all, nothin for our children

Had it all, now it’s repossessed

Can’t feed the clique cuttin bad checks

Time to learn boy, that cash rules

Success is a precious jewel


Plantin poison in a nigga mind

Chillin with your boys when it’s time to grind

We both come from those humble beginnings

Still can’t believe we never followed each other on Twitter

Funny thing is the animosity money brings

Real niggas out of style we may be one in three

Back against the wall outnumbered by fuck boys

One bullet, one target, one choice

You can take an L or take the shell

It's still double M still makin mills

Made niggas respect my hustle on both coasts

I put the word out to see who hit back with the lowest

I need a hit handled, put me in touch with the closest

You still diggin throw ashtrays killin the roaches

And I never took an L back when Meek fell

Just drove the numbers all the way back up at retail



Can’t be writin checks with your eyes closed

While you livin out of homes in different time zones

Mind blown fina strip you out your rhinestones

Pistol to your ear, this that level I’m on

I apologize woadie but this all I got

Everybody in this office we could die tonight

I never met an artist who fully recouped

These the deals the deal dealers wan deal to you

Young niggas, time to act your age

Buyin belts you seen on other niggas waists

Hoes fuckin for follows, they wanna post online

Whole time, shorty knowing I’m the gold mine

Put it on all he needed was a cosign

Black minks and gloves, nigga, the whole nine

TV on the Rolls, shit, I had to hold mine

You’ll foreclose or fold just for soul signs



Success is a precious jewel

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