Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Devil In A New Dress

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Uh put your hands to the constellations

they way you look should be a sin you my sensation

haven’t said a word haven’t said a word

to me this evening

Cat got your tongue?

[Rick Ross]

Lookin’ at my bitch I bet she give your ass a bone

Lookin’ at my wrist it’ll turn your ass to stone

Stretch limousine sippin’ Rose all along

Double-headed monster with a mind of his own

Cherry red chariot excess is just my character

All black tux nigga the shoes lavender

I never needed acceptance from all you outsiders

Had cyphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired

Before his jaw shattered climbin’ up the Lord’s ladder

We still speedin’ runnin’ signs like they don’t matter

Uh hater talkin’ never made me mad

Never that when I’m in my favorite papertag

Therefore G4s at the Clearport

When it come to tools fool I’m a Pep Boy

When it came to dope I was quick to export

Never tired of ballin’ so it’s on to the next sport

New Mercedes sedan they’ll export

So many cars DMV though it was mail fraud

Different traps I was gettin’ mail from

Polk County Jacksonville rep Melbourne

Whole clique’s appetite had tapeworms

Spinnin’ Teddy Pendergrass vinyl as my jay burns

I shed a tear before the nights over

God bless the man I put this ice over

Gettin’ 2Pac money twice over

Still a real nigga red Coogi sweater dice roller

I’m makin’ love to the angel of death

Catchin’ feelings never stumble retracin’ my steps

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