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Richie Kotzen - Shake It Off lyrics

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Shake it off and let all this _____(?)

Shake it off while the poar is on the base

Cool as the ice I want you shake it the glass

Love is got on dropping the head

Surely it’s in your lion eyes

You gonna wish, gonna wish someday

Yeah pull on me, I was crucified

To be a ____(?) to you baby every time

You play me with bullshit, somehow I’mma least it

Just cut enough and worth it

Shake it off and let all this _____(?)

Shake it off while the pool overate

Try to move it on

Or you just stcu in the timer

Wild in your gipsy walls

You spinning, spinning round and round

Came from one day

That satisfy you so well

We never take part

And ooh this another dead end

Shake I off, and let full cause and play

Shake it off while the ____(?)

Shake it off, yeah ______(?0

Ou know you can shake it off

Suring your life with the _____(?)

Shake it off

You better rock with the _______(?)

Shake it off, I’m not your fool

Move yourself and know you worth it

Watch you bag and keep your enemies close

Smack that bullshit on your shoulder

Shake it off

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