Richie Kotzen

Richie Kotzen - I'm All In lyrics

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I've been thinkin' love is gonna take me out

Every time I look into her eyes, yeah

No, it's not the way you're making strangers go wild

I call her name but I can't win her to a tie, yeah

Keep on doin' what you're doin', go for what you know

It ain't sad enough for teardrops, but it's sad over here(?!)

I can't wish I neva seen her, but I'm wishin' I was near her

I got to throw a line, but I'm ova my head


She can make a broke heart beat fast fast faster

Turn your everything inside out, oh

And those dark eyes that shine the baddest light

She's got something she's holding ova my head


I tell myself soon she will be mine

I see that I'm blind, I'm all in

(I'm in over my head)

I tell myself she will realize

Give me some time, I'm all in

(I'm in over my head)

(Verse 2)

I gotta find a way that I can make her mine

I can't let this feeling take me over

There's something in the universe that I can't describe

I'm searching for the answers, but it's over my head


She can take a close mind and open _____(?)

Take all your problems and solve 'em too

She's a black treasure and shines like nobody else

She got something she's holding ova my head



Oh oh oh oh what am I gonna do?

(Guitar solo)


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