RICH KIDS - All In My Video

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Cause you all in my video

Shawty tell me the move

Ay I'm a rich kid shawty so you know I gotta check got them real blowing kisses like my swagg they offset

I put on in the crucial I got stacks on deck and she all in my video I think she wanna check

Hit em with that one like weezy yea I leave the pussy wet

Cash money like baby got the girls going crazy all the girls like what's up so we had to turn it up

Tryna get off in them jeans so I can beat the pussy up I'm on my grown man shit I might just eat the pussy up

69 is what we do so she had to suck me up she my baby and I love her and I know she love me to

But these girls in my video she don't know what to do Courtney

Shawty tell me the move

Ay let me be specific how it started and ended to be with me forever that's was always yo vision

Put you in true religion I always keep it pimpin we hit the mall at Lenox you get whatever you getting

Hell naw I ain't tripping you think I suppose to how I approach you how a boss do

I know you love me you should know I love you to

But I guess you really gone never thought that we'll be threw

It's like I'm loving one but always end with two baby I am a boss shit you know how I do

I know you ain't no fool I know you stayed in school you don't wanna be with me shit ok

Shawty tell me the move

Got to make it clear cause ya'll can understand me all in my video like I won a grammy

Baby what's up I'm trying to grid understand me had to turn it up I know yo man can't stand me

Baby bend it over let me hit you with that whammy beat it up the long way sex in Miami

Girl yo pussy sweet call it offset candy you got them sticky fingers baby girl un hand me

Baby what's up what's the move if you feeling me then ok cool

Say you feeling me but I'm really feeling you yea you get them old ways so I'm acting brand new

Shawty tell me the move

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