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Reh Dogg - What Change Other Than Being Black lyrics

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Yeah get ready for change America

But not in a good way

There will be stormy days and wars abroad

And high energy, yall don't believe me?

Wait and see


What change Obama gonna bring To the Whitehouse?

Being black is the only change he brings?

It's the same ole same ole same old from the past

Look at his new administration, can you tell me if there's

Anyone new of change? I don't think so.

He will bring this country far left as he can.

Him and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the witch

And we all know that America is filled with conservatives

Not God bless America, but like Rev. Wright said for voting

For this leftist radical Americans get ready the battle is very long


What change other than being black, what change other than beinnng (4



And it don't matter what the people of the world may say

Capitalism is not the problem but Obama will damn sure

Make socialism the problem just you wait America

Just you wait your electrical bills will go sky high

He wants to bankrupt the coal industry that will costs

Millions to lose their jobs, and yall voted for this radical

Nut job yall must be sick in the head indeed

And yall believe that he will bleed your pockets dry

You fools wanted to vote for this radical nut

This big eared little man child, yall will learn soon that this man is


He's too wild


What change other than being black, what change other than beinnng (4



What change is this man going to bring to this country? Everything negative

Don't yall understand that? don't you see he toned down all his rhetoric?

He knows that Obama is not real. he's made up. And yall will soon understand


I tried to tell yall, but yall just looked at me and laughed

Now we all are going to pay for your stupidity

Four years of misery, four years of sky high fuels and everything you could

Think of

Is going to go sky high because the market is crashing they don't want him


Don't you see that? Yall just don't understand? How in the Hell did you guys

Do this to us? Stupidity

If one million persons do a stupid thing it still makes it stupid.

Do you understand?

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