Regine Velasquez

Regine Velasquez - Will There Really Be A Morning

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Will there really be a morningWhen the night is goneWill there be a dawnTo greet me urge me to go onIs there no home for meTo even love againWill there really be a morningOr is this the endWill there really be a sunrise whenThe darkness diesWill the strength to last'll be thereTo fight the fears insideThe nights are so endlessEndless as it seemsWill there really be a morning orIs this a dreamDays have come and days have passedI wish the morning stayedI pray that they would lastFor in those mornings ICould see what it meant to be freeWill there really be light againWhen this tunnel fadesWill I reach out and touch itIr will I be afraidI just hoped thatI'll still be there just thatI may seeWill there really be a morning toCome for meFor in those morningsI could see what it meantTo be freeWill there really be a morning toCome for me

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